Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Reflections on a liquid landscape.

Northumberland has a wonderful varied coastline and sometimes I just have to go across to there to "drink in" its liquid landscape. So if you see a windswept woman standing immobile and apparently gazing at "nothing", it's probably just  me enjoying the reflections of cloud on wet sand, the ever changing colour of the sea, the stealthy rise of the tide, and the ebb and flow of beachcombers. 

And I like to think that's work.... because when I get back to my studio, I'll transform those sights and sensations into paintings.

      Boulmer Beach Reflections

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Strange Kind of Summer

On a wet, grey day like today it was great to frame some of my recently completed small paintings, because they reminded me that we have in fact had some excellent summer days this year. It hasn't been unremittingly dull weather- we've had some spectacularly sunny days, with gorgeous blue skies, temptingly vivid sea and golden fields. And best of all- I've been able to get out and about to enjoy them. I've even had a "plodge" or two at the coast and enjoyed some fine picnics (Even the one we had on a bench at Boulmer, when a passerby with an excited dog pointed out that there was a dead rabbit on the ground directly behind us- which we hadn't detected because of a good healthy breeze off the sea!) . 

This selection of paintings are all coastal scenes of some of my favourite places. They're probably YOUR favourite spots too!

 Bamburgh Castle Reflections

 Walking on Bamburgh Beach 

 Bamburgh Beach with Lindisfarne  

 Dunstanburgh Castle and Wheat Fields

 Exploring the Rock Pools at Howick

 Sun, Sea and Cereal- Wheat Fields at Dunstan

The Bathing House at Howick, With Dunstanburgh Castle

These small paintings are all part of my collection of "standard" small paintings.  They are each 12 cm square, window mounted in off-white/ ivory coloured card and framed in solid oak frames, bringing the completed framed size to 26 cm sq. They and a large selection of other Northumberland landscapes the same style and size, are available at Crown Studio Gallery for £69 each.