Monday, 19 October 2009

"The (other, perfectly polite) C word" - Christmas

 I'm much better organised for Christmas in the gallery than usual this year.  Part of me doesn't even like to think about "the (other, perfectly polite) C word" until after Halloween and Bonfire Night... It just seems too much like wishing the year away, instead of savouring the slow glide from autumn into winter.

 But when you have to arrange to have stock from very small manufacturers, it pays to be well prepared .   And with the added risk of a postal strike too, I decided to stock up on "stocking thrillers" in October this year.  So here I am- with everything from "Coquet Characters" (hilarious, specially commissioned brooches shaped like local Coquetdale people) to knitted cakes(!) and anodised aluminium jewellery.  And what has happened??  I guess I should have expected it-  people are buying up all my new stock.  So it looks like I'll just have to order MORE.    It's a good problem to have.   

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